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Common chemicals to blame for the continuous rise of Parkinson’s Disease cases

Dorsey, a neurologist at the University of Rochester Medical Center and author of Ending Parkinson’s Disease, believes a Parkinson’s plague is on the skyline. Researchers believe a calculation could be a chemical utilized in dry cleaning and family items such as shoe shines and carpet cleaners within the US.

In the US, the number of individuals with Parkinson’s has expanded 35% within the last 10 years. Parkinson’s is as of now the fastest-growing neurological disorder within the world.

To date, the clearest prove around the hazard of TCE to human wellbeing is derived from workers who are exposed to the chemical within the working environment. A 2008 peer-reviewed study within the Annals of Neurology, for example, found that TCE is “a hazard figure for parkinsonism.” And a 2011 study echoed those results, finding “a six-fold increment within the hazard of developing Parkinson’s in people exposed within the work environment to trichloroethylene (TCE).”

In May 2020, Minnesota got to be the primary state to boycott TCE; New York followed suit last December, as ought to more states, particularly as government activity on the issue has slacked. Given that the negative health impacts of TCE have been reported within the Journal of the American Medical Association since 1932, it’s well past time for the US to halt utilizing it, and to better secure its civilians from dangerous chemicals that put lives at risk.

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