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Being inactive increases the risk of Covid-19 death

A recent study of about 50,000 coronavirus patients found that those who were consistently inactive were at more prominent risk of death due to the infection than those who engaged in work out. The study, which depended on the "Exercise Vital Sign" estimation developed by Kaiser Permanente Southern California, found that even those who were dynamic on an inconsistent basis were at lower chances for serious COVID-19 compared to those who were inactive.

Researchers say that strolling at a moderate pace for 30 minutes every day might "deliver you a huge protective effect" against the infection. From the information given, researchers found 6.4% of patients were consistently active, whereas 14.4% were consistently inactive.

Among all patients, those who were consistently inactive coupled with having a history of organ transplant. Moreover, individuals over the age of 60 were at the most prominent risk of COVID-19 death.

Generally, 8.6% of the patients included within the study wound up hospitalized, whereas 2.4% were admitted to the ICU and 1.6% died. However, the researchers found that being reliably inactive more than doubled the chances of hospitalization among this group, which the chance of passing was 2.49 times more prominent for these patients compared to those who were reliably active.

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