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American troops will be leaving Afghanistan on September 11

US President Joe Biden is set to declare that US troops will take off Afghanistan by 11 September, authorities have told US media. The US would miss a May due date for a pull-out concurred with the Taliban by the Trump organization last year.

US and Nato authorities have said the Taliban, a hardline Islamist movement, has so far failed to live up to commitments to diminish violence. The Taliban have been warned that in case they attack US troops amid the pull-out stage, they "will be met with an intense reaction".

President Biden had chosen a rushed withdrawal that would put US forces at danger was not a practical choice, the official added. At the same time, a review of US choices decided that now was the time to shut the book on the 20-year conflict in Afghanistan to focus on more intense threats.

President Biden is due to make the announcement himself on Wednesday. The United States has went through trillions of dollars and lost more than 2,000 service individuals since 2001 in what has been its longest war.

Source: BBC News

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