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Amazon will let their teams decide if they want to work from home

On Monday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos delivered an email to staff announcing a change in work-from-home policy for its office workers. As of August, the intention was for staff to return to the offices in January 2022, with the assumption that they would work three days per week in the office and two days per week remotely.

However, under the new policy published on Monday, Amazon allows individual teams to determine how frequently its employees must come into the office. Instead of requiring employees to spend a minimum of three days a week in the office, they will delegate this option to individual teams in their corporate roles.

At the Director level, this choice will be made team by team. They anticipate that some teams will continue to work primarily remotely, while others will work a hybrid of remotely and in the office, and still others will conclude that it is best for customers if the team works mostly in the office.

Employees may expect to learn about their team leaders’ intentions before January 3rd. Employees will also be permitted to work remotely for up to four weeks each year, as long as they stay in the nation where they are employed.

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