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After crew members tested positive for Covid-19, American Airlines had to cancel their flights

American Airlines Flight 72 with service from Sydney to Los Angeles International Airport was slated to take off at 9 a.m. local time. A Los Angeles-bound American Airlines flight scheduled to leave from Australia on Friday was grounded to avoid the potential exposure of COVID-19 from a crew member.

All the crew staff slated to take flight are now under quarantine and the airline says it is undergoing an enhanced cleaning procedure for the aircraft. The airline also said that they are waiting for the results of their secondary Covid test.

Travelers onboard the upcoming flight rescheduled for Saturday will fly on a different aircraft taking off at 11 a.m., according to American Airline’s site. "We are in close contact with New South Wales public health officials and working to follow all required health and safety measures," American Airlines said in the statement.

Sydney has been implementing strict health and safety rules for pilots and flight attendants, who must get tested for COVID-19 after landing when traveling the exterior of the country. They moreover must isolate and test each five to seven days amid the quarantine and retest on the final day.

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