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A new study found that quitters of smoking are more likely to gain weight

According to a recent study by the University of Minnesota, quitting cigarettes results in an unhealthy diet, which can contribute to weight gain. Heavy smokers struggling from nicotine withdrawal may tend to favor fatty, high sugar snacks to fill in the gap.

The research looked at a sample of smokers and non-smokers between the ages of 19 and 75. All participants were instructed to refrain from cigarette usage for 1 day and were given either a placebo or 50 mg of naltrexone, a medication frequently used to treat substance abuse.

The participants in the research who were suffering from nicotine withdrawal took more calories. Those who took naltrexone were much less likely to have a high-calorie meal.

The results of the study might be linked to the consumption of food, particularly high-calorie foods, to compensate for the negative impact and discomfort that individuals develop after quitting smoking. Clinical and preclinical studies back this up, demonstrating that stress boosts a person’s desire for high-fat, high-sugar meals.

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