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Why vendor accounts are important to building a business credit profile

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    We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time. reports that 90% of business owners don’t have access to business credit. The reason for this is that they don’t know where to go to get VENDOR accounts to build their business credit profiles and scores. Vendors are the gatekeepers of business credit.

    They are the REAL secret of business credit building. You can go to Home Depot today and apply for business credit. But you would get denial or approval only with a personal guaranty. To get approval with them, you must first meet their business credit qualifying requirements. The problem is most people never know what their qualifying criteria is. So, they apply and get approval only with a personal guarantee or are denied all together.

    You can’t just walk into a merchant like Staples or Home Depot and get approval for business credit with no guarantee. You first must have a good business credit score with trade lines reporting on your business credit for approval. Here is where most people get stuck. They can’t get credit since they have no credit, so they are never able to build their business credit. The real secret to business credit is Vendor accounts.

    With these accounts you can get approval for credit with vendors which report to the business reporting agencies. This makes it easy for you to now build five or more trades and establish an excellent score. Through our Business Finance Suite, we give you access to lots of vendors who will approve you and help you quickly build the business credit score and trades you need.

    Once this is done you can then start getting approval for real business credit through your funding suite, enjoying the largest supply of business credit sources anywhere. Contact me today to take a free tour of the Business Finance Suite and see how easy it is to get approval for MASSIVE amounts of business credit with no personal guarantee.

    Apply Now. Hodler Capital Group will help you access business financing. We will show you how to build your business credit. We can also help you build a business website. To start growing your business contact us now.


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