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Why is it important to build business credit?

Safeguarding your personal resources. Before you set up solid business credit, you will need to sign a personal guarantee to open a credit card or apply for credit. This means you’ll be actually obligated in the event that your business can’t reimburse what is owed and that your personal resources will be at risk. Once you set up business credit, you will be able to qualify for a business credit card or other little trade financings without a personal guarantee.

Better terms with merchants and suppliers. In addition to progressing your chances of getting financing with better terms from conventional and alternative loan specialists, a solid credit score can also progress your repayment terms with merchants and suppliers.

Lower insurance premiums. The history given in your credit report could be a solid indicator of whether your business is likely to pay its insurance premiums on time. For this reason, a solid business credit score may result in lower insurance premiums.

Decreasing prepayments. Good credit tells providers and vendors that you simply can be relied on to pay your invoices on time, which suggests you'll not be required to prepay for items or services purchased.

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