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Types of lead generation that you need for your business

Inbound vs. Outbound - Inbound marketing is any method that invites your potential leads to learn more about your company’s product or service by reaching out to you. Outbound lead generation occurs whenever a potential lead’s daily content consumption is disrupted by your marketing message.

Building an email list - Another awesome strategy to develop your list is to encourage potential leads to forward your emails to their community or share interesting or helpful data on social media. As a little business, email can be one of the core ways you connect together with your customer base, so be intentional along with your messaging.

Social media marketing - You'll get your paid or organic social posts to change over leads by encouraging viewers to tap through to your business site or a landing page that will collect their email addresses. You'll utilize any number of sorts of social media content like static pictures or illustrations, but social media content with video tends to be much more effective.

Content marketing - This can be among the most effective means of generating leads. Content marketing is when you create and share valuable content or materials with your potential audience with the goal of educating or entertaining rather than using direct sales language. Some examples of different types of content include videos, blogs, ebooks, PDF downloads, and social media posts.

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