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Tips in writing a marketing report

Determine who your customer is. You must first define your target or typical client before you can determine your customer’s demand or problem. The exact consumer profile you are attempting to attract is your target audience.

Consider the aim of an executive summary. You must offer a one-page, or no more than two-page, a summary of the findings of your marketing study. In your summary, make sure to cover all of the key topics from the rest of your report.

Describe the purpose of your research. In your report, you should explain exactly what you were attempting to discover via your marketing study. This might be if your marketing was effective in terms of content, whether it reached the correct target, whether it effectively informed people about your product or any other judgment you wanted to make.

Predict future trends. Rather than focusing just on the efficacy of previous marketing tactics, consider how effective these efforts will be in the future.

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