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Tips for hiring and onboarding candidates in a virtual workplace setup

1. Don’t rely on paperwork. A resume and cover letter are just the start. Get a sense of whether they are passionate about leadership or just a subject matter expert. Gauge their level of relationship capital.

2. Plan a well-thought-out interview process. From group individuals and coordinate reports to the full board of directors, each partner should take a few obligations in assessing candidates for the abilities, capacities, qualities, competencies, and characteristics that the position requires.

3. Take onboarding genuinely. Plan it as deliberately as you do your interview process and structure and plan for on-boarding to last a whole year, not just the classic “First 90 days.” Guarantee new executives are taking part in senior leadership gatherings to better understand protocol and readiness expectations.

4. When conducting your interview process, keep in mind that you're giving a candidate a snapshot of who you are as an organization. Even in a virtual world, with each interview process, you're branding your organization. This incorporates giving knowledge into how you work, conduct meetings, and make decisions. The candidate is continuously observing and forming an opinion.

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