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Nike hasn’t paid 3 years of federal income tax

Since the tax bill from 2017 in which it reduced the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent, legal tax negligence was enabled. These valid loopholes permitted some of the biggest companies to avoid paying income taxes for three years.

The provision from the CARES Act was moreover utilized by these companies to counterbalance their losses in 2020 and profits earned in previous years. When you buy a pair of Air Force 1, you are paying more to Nike than in the federal income taxes.

As Bernie Sanders posted in his tweet that we are making these companies rich and just avoiding their tax responsibilities. Ending the tweet with a hashtag, #TaxTheRich.

In show disdain toward the high profits, somewhere else at Nike people just don't seem to be feeling their latest product. It is the Nike x Kim Jones collaboration.

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