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Marvel’s Eternals final cut isn’t finished yet

Announced amid 2019's San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel's Eternals, the twenty-sixth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is closing in on its theatrical release set on November 5, 2021. Marvel Cinematic Universe's forthcoming entry Eternals is still beneath overwhelming post-production operations as it approaches theatrical release this November.

The extra time the studio and filmmakers have had on their hands for post-production is fair helping them with making a well-finished cut of the film. We should've as of now watched the film in the event that it hadn't been for the pandemic, which caused various changes within the release slate for Marvel Studios.

Talking to Sundance Collab, Dylan Tichenor shed a little light on the editing approach they are following for the big-budget Marvel venture. As of now, co-editors Dylan Tichenor and Craig Wood are in the midst of a broad editing process beneath guidelines from director Zhao.

"I am [working] right now [with] Chloe [Zhao]. Chloe edits her movies and she has strong opinions. But she also wants to know everything I'm thinking, and frankly, we did the whole first cut without much input from her in terms of takes or this or that," Tichenor explained. "And she just watched it. And the things that she wants to tweak, we tweak. But by and large, she has really relied on our experience and our point of view. That's why we're hired, you know, for our creativity and our experience. And a sense of humor. But I think that makes the best result."

Source: Movieweb

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