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How to know if your workplace tech is costing you employees

Technology plays a major part in how workers assess managers and whether they remain or go. About half of all workers - 49 percent - say they’re likely to leave their current work in the event that they’re unhappy or frustrated with workplace tech.

Streamlined Data. Employees spend 1.8 hours a day searching and gathering data. In the event that workers are investing that much time seeking out information, you can nearly ensure they’ll also be searching for another job soon. Do anything you can to eliminate the cut and pasting and put data at their fingertips. Extraordinary employees need awesome tools to do their jobs well. Help them help you.

Modern Work Arranging and Technique. Employees spend only 43% of their day on essential work duties, primarily due to a need for strategic alignment, work planning, work status communication, and standard processes for workflow. Employees need direction from their bosses. They need to know the game plan so they can execute it. When technology gets in the way and sends them back to the dark ages, it’s frustrating.

Collaboration Tools. Employees need to feel a sense of purpose and know how their work is driving business. Collaboration is a huge part of that. Overall generations and geographies, 72% of workers say that technology is vital in supporting collaboration. More than ever, the way to an employee’s heart is through technology that charms and wows their desire to do extraordinary work, with incredible devices and great people. It’s up to all of us to help make that happen.

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