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How to figure out what you really desire in life and work

Our 20-ish self might think life has better plans for us but upon reaching our mid-20s to early 30-ish, our self crisis starts to begin. Questions will go through our heads asking, “What do I really want to find my inner peace?”. Here are a few tips on how you can figure it out.

First, know exactly what you want. Recognize your issue, at that point recognize your need. If you list down all your needs, you'll get a better thought of who, how, and when you can achieve them.

Recognize the difference between having needs and being needy. We all have essential needs; feel loved, have a sense of purpose, and protect ourselves. You can be a strong, capable, independent person with needs. You can have needs without being needy.

Become reasonable. If you want to do a lot of stuff that takes time and you know you can’t afford to lose your job, you can ask your boss for a leave. You can’t just tell him to give you a flexible time, but instead, ask if you can start working from home. Chances are if you are not asking someone to get the moon for you, then they’ll be happy to help.

Consider the other person. Think of all the people that surround you, be thoughtful to consider if what you want doesn’t give them a hard time. Remember, if you want to have your inner peace and happiness, be kind and thoughtful of others.

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