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How to design your Business Cards

Prepare the logo. When it comes to designing a logo, color schemes and fonts are the most important considerations. You could sketch a few ideas and then tweak them with creative software. If Photoshop isn't your strong suit, recruit a freelancer to assist you.

Shapes, colors, and fonts are all essential. If your company deals with oceans or fish, stop choosing a business card in the form of a whale. You may have custom shapes made to help potential customers understand and remember what your business is all about. Keep in mind the scale of your concept as well. You'll almost certainly want it to fit into your bag or pocket.

It's entirely up to you what details you include on your calling card, but here are some important considerations: Logo, slogan, name and company name, job description, email, phone number, website URL, social media URLs, business address, and QR code.

The majority of business cards have two sides written on them. As a result, you'll need a printer that can print both sides. You'll also want to select smudge-resistant ink or toner from a reputable supplier like TonerPartner that adheres perfectly to your chosen paper. To stop making so many errors, it's a safe idea to call the experts. You can do a few test prints until you're all set up and ready to go.

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