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How long will it take to build my business credit?

Building your business credit takes a while (Read the full article for a timeframe). Whoever says it does not is lying to you, but once you do it you will never have to do it again.

We used to say build your business credit. Now we say establish your business credit.

When you establish your business credit and yourself you cant’t be moved.

You can’t be swayed. Same as your bank account.

Establishing business credit shows lenders you can handle future payments.

You are in a mortgage with your dreams so think of your business as such. How can a lender give you a 250k loan for 10 years when you only been in business for 2 with no business tradelines under your EIN. Establish yourself and show them you can handle payments.

Building business credit takes at least 6 months. 6 months of good payment history will have your business set up for the future. If anyone tells you otherwise they lie.

You have to know what starter business cards to get and how long to make payments.

You can pay to look good and pay to jump start the process, but why not do it the right way?

It’s ultimately what anybody who is loaning you money would want to see right?

Build your business Credit


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