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Here are 5 websites to learn Photoshop online

1. Udemy - Udemy offers different classes for various tools and skillsets. Most of their classes are free but only paid courses are the ones that will give you online certificates.

2. Skillshare - This is a paid website, you need to sign up to access all their classes. However, there is a 7-day trial so you can try that out.

3. Photoshop Cafe - This site is different from the other tutorials offered online. They are more of a tutorial than an interactive class. They will teach you all the specific things you need in Photoshop.

4. Creativelive - From layering, blending, filters, and color adjustments, you can find it here. They give new members access to 70-course materials that you can practice.

5. Phlearn - This is a program in which they will teach you creative skills in photography, lightroom, and Photoshop. There is a subscription fee but their course comes with 46 videos, 51 sample images, PDFs, and more guides which is more than worth their fee.

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