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Dealing with mental health while in a marriage

You may have keenly taken care of your partner in the past, but now you may feel tired, exhausted, or resentful of your role as a caregiver for your spouse. This can result in a gradual withdrawal from being a caregiver or in angry outbursts.

Inquire with a therapist and your spouse about the effective ways to improve. You may want to take charge of treatment, but your therapist may advise you to let your spouse decide what is best for you.

Be open about your difficulties. Don’t keep your mental illness struggles hidden from your spouse. You may be afraid of being stigmatized by your spouse or embarrassed to express your difficulties. Be truthful about your challenges and don’t feel the need to hide.

Sincere communication is key in any marriage, but it is incredibly significant if you have specific needs linked to your well-being. Share any needs you have related to your mental condition with your spouse.

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