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Building a friendship that will last

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to know your new friend. Avoid barraging him or her with a barrage of inquiries at once. You want to learn more about this individual, but you don’t want him or her to feel questioned.

Understand how to be a good friend. To begin being a true friend to someone and then wanting that person to be a good friend to you, you must first be a good friend to yourself.

When you’re with a friend, just be yourself. You would be upset if you discovered that your friend’s actual personality is nothing like what you believed it was. As a result, you should be yourself while you’re with your friend.

Express your appreciation for your friend’s friendship. You may do this in a variety of ways, and most of them will work together to show your buddy that you value him or her as a friend.

Have faith in your friend. In order to have a good friendship, you must be able to trust one another. If you don’t trust your friend, you can’t expect him or her to trust you.

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