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Body cleaning tips for a healthier skin

Every day, take a warm-to-hot shower or bath. While very hot water must be prevented since it removes the skin of essential oils while cleaning your body, use warmer water than you would on your face to destroy bacteria.

Gently scrub your body in the shower or bath. As with washing your face, it is critical that your hands and the cleaning items you use are sanitary. Bar soap and body wash are hygienic, but scrubbers and washcloths, particularly shared ones, are not.

Exfoliate your body once a week, paying special attention to acne-prone regions. Because the skin on your body generates more perspiration and oil than the skin on your face, you should use a body scrub at least once a week.

Apply lotion after patting your body dry with a clean towel. Although the skin on your body is less sensitive than that on your face, it is still vital to dry off with a clean towel. Stay in the warm, humid bathroom and wipe off until you are just slightly damp, then apply lotion to your entire body before leaving.

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